Live autonomously and self-determined!

VIVAIcare is a unique product from Germany, which is all about self-determined and safe living for people with assistance needs.

With the help of modern technical assistance systems it is possible to stay in your own apartment longer. The individual support can be tailored to your requirements. VIVAIcare focuses on the basic needs of older people such as safety, eating and drinking, taking medication or maintaining cognitive abilities.

The core of VIVAIcare is a technical platform (IoT) that is connected to various devices and sensors in the home, collects the data, evaluates it and, if necessary, reacts to changes in a flash. We made sure that sensitive data is particularly well protected right from the start: The user alone determines which information is used or shared.


Data acquisition

Measure & record


Interaktives Portal

Evaluate & react


Device control

Alert & secure


Voice assistant

Communicate & remind


Fall sensors

Detect & alert


“VIVAIvoice is redefining chatbots. Customers and employees receive seamless, uncomplicated support across all channels - from messenger and website to telephone! "

Our VIVAIvoice chatbots can independently conduct standard calls, but also provide support with complex problems and, if necessary, forward them to specific employees. No matter how and with whom you want to communicate - whether via phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc. or via your website - VIVAIvoice not only helps, it is fun for customers! Communication can be so pleasant - your switchboard is relieved and your employees can deal more intensively with individual customer concerns. A win-win situation for customers and employees.


With VIVAIvoice, your content can be entered quickly and easily. Our team will help you get your chatbot up and running in no time.

Central or local

Would you like to run your VIVAIvoice solution locally on your servers or would you prefer someone else to manage it? You have the choice!

Support staff

In hotlines, more than 80% of all calls are about standard inquiries that the VIVAIvoice bot can answer. Relieve your employees by having our system take over these inquiries and only forward more complex topics.


With the help of the latest technologies, VIVAIvoice can automatically translate languages. Whether English, Polish, Turkish or Arabic - the bot can speak any language.

VIVAI platforms

Our portals

As an umbrella company, VIVAI operates well-known industry-specific portals such as and In addition, we have been operating successfully in the international market for many years thanks to our MedStep career advice service.

As an online job portal, we have been a pacemaker since 1997. With our services, we offer a more modern approach to personnel acquisition.

With, we offer a global view on the world of medicine. At, you will find healthcare facilities from over 100 nations in one of the world's largest hospital directories.

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